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Looking Ahead!!!!

August 31st, 2021

Small Car Nationals: Anyone with any questions, please text Katie at (410)-596-6431 or email

Thursday September 30th:

Open Practice!!

A 3 day event band will be available!! Open practice will occur from 6:00 to 9:00!! Pit gates will open at 4:00 and General Admission will open at 5:00. General Admission will be free for Open practice.


Friday October 1st: All Entry Fees Due!!!

Warm Ups!! Heats!! Time Trials!!!

Fastrak Crate Late Models and UMP Emods will be doing Time Trials!!! Chargers and 4 Cylinders will not!!! At the end of the night, a 8 Cylinder Enduro event will happen!!! Pit Gates will open at 5:30. General Admission at 6:00. Drivers meeting at 7:20. Hot Laps at 7:30. Racing at 8:00. A 2 day event pass will be available for purchase!!!


Saturday October 2nd:


$2,000 to win Fastrak Crate Late Models!!! 40 Laps!!!
$2,000 to win UMP Emods!!! 40 Laps!!!

$1,500 to win Chargers!!! 30 Laps!!!

$1,500 to win 4 Cylinder!!! 30 Laps

** Chargers will be Open will a 8 inch tire rule****4 Cylinder will be open as well**

$1,000 to win Enduro!!! 100 Laps!!! Must have 50 Cars!!

Pit Gate will open ar 5:00. General Admission at 5:30. Drivers meeting at 6:45. Hot Laps at 7:00. Racing at 7:30.  All drivers will be attending Warm-Ups followed by their feature.


Sunday October 3rd:

Rain Date!!!


Entry Fees:

If you pay in advanced; here are the fees:

Crates $50; Emods $50; Chargers $25; 4 Cylinders $25

If you pay the night of the event; here are the fees:

Crates $100; Emods $100; Chargers $50; 4 Cylinders $50; Enduro $25

All payments are due Friday Night!!


There will be free camping available!!!


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