Rules – V8 Chargers



This division is open to any North American made passenger car from 1965 through the present. The make and model must be factory specifications and dimensions.

Rear wheel drive only.

No jeeps, 4-wheel drives, front wheel drives, station wagons, compacts, convertibles, or T-tops, ¾ or 1 ton trucks or dual wheel.

Wheelbase must be in accordance with factory specifications, right and left for that make of car. No cars with less than 105” wheelbase will be permitted.

Cars must remain stock except for the modifications listed below.



All glass, lights, lenses, chrome strips, and grill must be removed. No mirrors in car at all or any reflective devices. No radios.

Aluminum aftermarket, stock appearing bodies, and steel allowed.

No roof raking.

Doors must be welded or bolted.

No spoilers are permitted.

No bracing outside of the body is permitted.

Each car must have a tow hook in front and rear securely mounted to support the weight of the car.

Plastic nose and tail pieces are legal. Hood scoops are allowed.

Each car must have sufficient screening 1 ½“ x 1 ½“ holes minimum replacing the windshield (with minimum of 3, 3/8” steel vertical support bars behind the screen.)



Inspectors reserve the right to request body or sheet metal to be replaced and painted if it has any sharp edges or is not looking presentable to the sport.

Acceptable appearance of a car is up to the discretion of the officials. A car can be refused the right to race due to its appearance.

Cars must be painted and numbered in a legible, highly visible, and acceptable manner.

Each number must be at least 18” high and 2” wide and any letter must be 9” high. All numbers and letters must be a contrasting color with the car color.

Duplicate numbers will be modified. The car number will go with the first car registered for the season with that number.

Car number must be in the upper right hand corner of the windshield area and left rear tail light area in 4” number for track line up purposes.



Car must be gutted of all burnables in the interior.

Completely enclosed steel fire wall. No open holes. No wind tunnel or other aerodynamic fins or louvers permitted.

*Fire wall can be replaced either in its original position or a maximum of 4inch setback.

Trunk floor should be removed and left open.

Quick release hub highly recommended.



All cars must weigh a minimum of 3,400lbs (with the exception of those who have chosen to run the GM 602 Crate Motor). SEE BELOW!

*All cars with 602 Crate Motor must weigh a minimum of 3,000lbs with the driver after the Heats & Feature. 

All cars running a Triple Disc Clutch must add 100lbs! 

o The number of cars to be weighed will vary from week to week and you will be notified by the scale master as you exit the track as to how many cars must weigh that night. The officials reserve the right to spot check car weights after any or all of the heat and feature events.

All ballast must be securely mounted WITH A GRADE 5 BOLT and painted white with car number on it. Must be mounted within the confines of the body below body window line.

Track scales will be considered official.



No altering or mismatching of frames.

Frames must be intact and not rusted out.

No fabricated frames except for the uni-body cars.

If the car is manufactured without a full frame, front and rear frame sections must be tied together.

On uni-bodied cars only, a homemade frame may be constructed using steel rectangular tubing only with a minimum specification of 2” x 3” .120 wall thickness.

(The 3” dimension must be in a vertical position. If using this option, it must start at rear of the front stock OEM sub-frame and continue all the way back to the front of the OEM rear sub-frame. Springs and locating bars for rear will be measured and compared to stock specifications for legality. The proper construction of this frame option on welds, cross members, roll cage, and brace tie-ins will be up to the discretion of the officials.)



Absolutely no changes to suspension will be permitted. All suspension, shocks, and components must match car. Stock replacement tubular upper A arms allowed.

No adjustable weight jacks of any kind.

No modifications are permitted!



Stock appearing, stock mount shocks only. No adjustable shocks. No Heim End shocks.



Left front and right front springs must have same height and left rear and right rear springs must have same height. Height front to rear may be different.



Floaters will be allowed.

Rear Clip of the frame may be changed to 2 inch by 3 inch steel square tubing. Frame work modification for the fuel cell is allowed. NO other modifications allowed!

Ford 9” rear ends ok. Must have stock mounts in stock location. Welded spiders/spools allowed.

Driveline hoops are required and drive shafts must be painted white and must be steel. Drive shaft hoops should be 2” x ¼” 360 degrees and no more than 6” behind the front U-joint.



Operable and effective four-wheel hydraulic brakes mandatory at all times. No three-wheel, left-side shutoff set-ups or limiting valves are allowed.

All brake components must be stock OEM and match make and model of car.

ONLY 1 O.E.M or Aftermarket Master Cylinder allowed!

No drilling or lighting of rotors or any brake components permitted.

*Any car that is found with any type of brake adjusting equipment for brake bias, will be suspended for two races and docked 100 points!



Steel wheels only. Spoked or economy racing wheels permitted.

Maximum diameter of wheels is 15”. Maximum width of wheels is 8”.

All wheels must be same diameter front to back and right to left.

No wheel adapters allowed. No wide 5.

Should have oversized lug nuts.

No aluminum, mag, or split rims permitted.

15 x 8 bead locks will be allowed.



No winter treads, trick tires, exotic or rough tread tires permitted.

No bleeder valves.

E-mod approved Hoosier tires allowed. Recap tires matching above will also be allowed.




Battery must be securely mounted outside of driver’s compartment.

Highly recommend a collapsible steering shaft be used.

All cars should be equipped with a safe racing seat, of high back type only. Seat should be securely fastened (bolted or welded) to the roll cage and/or frame in six spots, with a minimum of six “Grade 5” 3/8inch bolts. Four (4) on the bottom and two (2) on the seat back. “NO FLOORBOARD INSTALLATIONS”. The seat must be positioned completely to the left of the center line of the car on the driver’s side. A functional padded headrest should be in line with center of driver’s head if not built into seat. NO SET BACK SEATS. NO FIBERGLASS SEATS.

Driver’s seat must be securely mounted in its original position.

Each car must have safe seat belts that are securely mounted to the frame and roll cage. At least a five point racing type seat belt and harness that are securely mounted. It is highly recommended that your belts be changed a minimum of every 3 years. Do not mount belts to floor board.

Flame resistant racing suit, underwear, hood, neck collar (brace), gloves, and shoes are highly recommended.

Must have a full face shield racing helmet.

Window nets are required on driver’s side.

Each car must have a fire extinguisher with working pressure gauge securely mounted within reach of the driver.



1 ½” O.D. Seamless tubing with a minimum of .095 wall thickness is highly recommended.

Must be at least 4 post design with a minimum of 3 horizontal door bars per side. The driver’s side door should have 4 with at least 2 vertical bars between each door bar. Door bar must arch outward to door skin.

The cage should be “X” braced behind the driver.

Roll cage should extend above the driver’s head with a minimum of 2” clearance above helmeted head.

Should have a minimum of one cross bar in top halo of roll cage.

The roll cage must be securely welded to the frame and gusseting to the frame is highly recommended.

It is highly recommended that the driver side door be plated with 1/8” aluminum or 1/16” steel plate from top door bar to bottom of frame.

Front and rear hoops are highly recommended but must remain behind body.

Cars must contain shock resistant roll bar padding on all bars within 18” of the driver’s body (extended arms, legs, head, etc.)

No off set cages or set back cages. Set back will be determined with a measurement between rear and center line and main cage rear hoop center line. This distance must not be less than 23”.

No screw-type pipe fittings permitted.



An approved cell, 32 gallon maximum, securely mounted in the trunk of car.

Square tubing is permitted in the rear section of the frame for the fuel cell to be mounted.

Cars should have an approved fuel bladder and container that is at least 18 gauge (or its equivalent) or thicker for the container, with a minimum of two hold down straps at least 1/8” thick and a minimum of 1” wide, that are installed parallel to the rear frame rails. Must be located in trunk area.

Container supports should be mounted to the frame rails in a secure manner. Any fuel bladder and container extending below the frame should be properly protected by both bars and bracing.

No fuel lines inside the car unless they are enclosed in a metal pipe or metal tubing for the entire length of the line that runs through the car.

Bottom of fuel cell must be at least 12” from track. Fuel cell vent line should have a one way in line check valve to prevent fuel spillage.



*GM 602 Crate Motor allowed for the 2016 Season!

Crate Motor seals MUST be Neosmith, Fastrack or “O.E.M” seals.

GM “O.E.M” bolts only! / NO bolts with “RM” markings allowed!

Must have working starter.

NO removal of casting numbers or any alterations to numbers allowed.

Maximum overbore is .060.

NO STROKER engines allowed!

NO Dome pistons!

NO 400 engines!

*350 Chevy, 351 Ford(Windsor Only), 360 Chrysler, and maximum bore .060 over allowed.

Racing oil pans allowed.



Any cars running 350 Chevy, 351 Ford(Windsor Only), & 360 Chrysler can run any single or dual feed carburetor with vacuum secondary allowed. NO double pumpers.

*602 Crate Motor will be allowed to run 750 CFM double pumper carburetor with mechanical secondaries!

Minimum of 2 throttle return springs recommended.

Must have stock style fuel pump in stock location. No electric fuel pumps.


19. FUEL

Gasoline only. No alcohol, nitrous, or other fuel additives permitted.



Any dual plain intake allowed with no porting, polishing, machining, welding, gasket matching, or acid etching.



May run any cast iron head with no modifications. MAX. 2.02 intake Valves and 1.6 exhaust valves! NO Modifications to head, must be bolt on O.E.M or aftermarket replacement. NO Gasket Matching.

Angle plug heads allowed.

Vortec Heads are not allowed!

Chevy world products replacement head #011150, #043600.

Ford world product replacement head #955-053030.

Mopar W-2 Cast Iron Head performance #P5249769.



Cars running a Triple Disc Clutch must weigh a Minimum of 3,500lbs with driver after Heats & Feature Race.

*Cars running 602 Crate Motor must weigh a Minimum of 3,100lbs with driver after Heats & Feature Race.


23. CAM

.525 Lift Cam Max.

No roller cams allowed.

Solid lifters and roller rockers will be permitted.

Lifters must retain O.E.M diameters for that block.

1.5 or 1.6 ratio rocker arms only.



Only O.E.M Crankshaft and rods or stock aftermarket allowed.

Crankshaft must maintain stock stroke as manufactured for the block used.




NO dome type pistons.

Flat top or less.



Stock O.E.M distributors and coils only. No trigger ignition systems allowed. No Mallory. No Accel, On HEI ignition, coils must remain in distributor if stock O.E.M. On point type distributors, coils must be stock. With any system used, only one coil will be allowed on car.



Maximum Header Diameter: One inch and three quarter.

Frame Rail and over rail headers are allowed!

Crossover, Tri-y, and 180 degree Headers are NOT allowed!

All exhaust must exit outside the car of behind driver seat.

No through the car exhaust. All exhaust must be out of car’s interior.

Mufflers are not required.



360 degree blow-proof bell housing is highly recommended for standards and scatter shield for automatics.

NO dog type clutches are permitted.

Triple Disc Clutches are allowed!

o 100lbs must be added to car!

NO aluminum or exotic metals in clutch or flywheel.

Stock O.E.M style single clutch disc mounted in stock location, stock flywheel diameter. NO drilling or machining for lightening purposes allowed.

All bell housings must have 1” hole drilled at bottom of bell housing for inspections of flywheel, clutch/torque convertor.



Stock type O.E.M transmission with all working gears including reverse.

Automatic transmissions must have working stock torque converters.



Maximum engine set back – #1 spark plug in line with top ball joint.


31. MISC.

NO traction control devices of any kind allowed!